Korea Data Agency is a government-affiliated organization under Ministry of Science and ICT
that leads data-centered society in the 4th industrial revolution era.

Since established in 1993, to create future value based on data technology as the core of ICT industry,
K-DATA has aimed to build good circulation of data ecosystem, strengthen the ability for data usage,
prepare bases for supporting the industry and expand data-related market.

K-DATA also leads to accomplish national and economic innovation through a variety of activities and support projects.


To contribute to the life of people and innovation for the country and economy.


To be a public organization which leads data-centered society in the 4th industrial revolution era.

Strategic Goals and Tasks



  • Fostering good circulation
    of data ecosystem
    Operating data-matching(suppliers-demanders) program Supporting projects for data utilization Composing ecosystem for data distribution
  • Strengthening the ability for data usage Incubating professional manpower dealing with data Operating certificate examinations for professionals in field of data Developing ability of works with data
  • Expanding data-related market Composing the bases for development of data tech and business Supporting data-specialized companies to advance to overseas Activating certification system for digital contents
  • Building bases to support data-related industry  Studying the policies of ICT industry, especially focused on data Analyzing the tendency of data-related industry Making data-centered society advanced

Main Business and Projects

Support for Data-centered Industry
Support for Data-centered Industry
Incubation Program for start-ups which utilize data Managing the incubating program ‘DB-Stars’ which offers custom support such as service development cost, mentoring, education, consulting and promotion for business to selected good start-ups.
Analysis about the tendency of data-related industry Helping establishment of national policies and business activities and seeking developmental directions of data-related industry for the future by researching, analyzing and supplying basic statistical materials about industry status inside and outside of Korea.
Data certification Running data certification center which screens and certifies data quality, data management and data security to secure data quality of the information system used at institutions or companies.
Activation of Data Utilization
Activation of Data Utilization
Data Voucher Providing vouchers which can be used to purchase and process a data-set to small companies that have difficulties in utilizing data, and promoting the data and AI industries by expanding transactions of purchased and processed data.
Data Open Market Operating data open market called ‘Data Store’, where everyone sells and purchases data online easily, to support data brokerage and dealings.
MyData Establishing a secured personal data utilization system centered on the information subjects which enables to expand provision of personal data, diversify services and enhance the awareness of personal data.
Establishment of Network for International Cooperation
Establishment of Network for International Cooperation
Support for data-specialized companies to go abroad Supporting localization, globalization, and marketing activities for outstanding data technology of Korea to advance to the global market, seek business partners, and conduct international technology exchange.
Activities for ISO Contributing international standards for ISO TC184/SC4 Industrial data, ISO/IEC JTC1/SC32 data management and interchange, ISO/IEC JT1/WG9 big data.
Incubation of Manpower Dealing with Data
Incubation of Manpower Dealing with Data
Big Data Academy Running a program to foster professionals who can handle and analyze big data which is the core competitiveness and the precondition in the era of 4th industrial revolution, and also to nurture young talented personnel who can satisfy the demands from the industry.
Certificate examination for professionals Managing nationally authorized certificate examination for design ability with data (data architecture), utilization ability of SQL which is essential language for DB development (SQL development), and data analysis.
Portal site for data specialists Operating knowledge portal ‘DB Guide’ which supplies comprehensive necessary information for DB planning/design/building/operation and online counseling/trainings for solving DB system problems of SMEs.
Operation of Main Events
Operation of Main Events
Data Quality Award An award for good information systems which performed exemplary data quality managements through systematic innovation.
DA(Data Architecture) Great Competition Hosting a great competition to spread cases about creative data architecture widely and promote into industries and universities by discovering good designs about data architectures.
Data Grand Conference Managing an annual forum for information exchange to share data-related technologies and business cases such as big data/IoT(internet of things)/AI(artificial intelligence)/cloud to secure business competitiveness of companies and institutions.